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Are You Aware Of Lock Snapping?

We are all aware of the need to be security conscious, even if we are all spending much more time at home during the lockdown than previously. Keeping up to date with the latest tricks and scams that criminals employ is also an essential practice.

One such method used by burglars is lock or cylinder snapping. Lock snapping is a common method used by thieves to break into homes that are equipped with a standard Euro lock. There’s very little skill required to snap the lock and gain entry to your home.

It’s most common to find Euro lock cylinders on most uPVC doors, in both commercial and domestic properties. The weakest part of the lock is the cylinder, and criminals can break it in under 5 seconds. The best way to ensure you remain secure is to upgrade your locks to a TS007 3-Star Euro Lock.

Always keep your door locked from the inside, and make sure you keep the keys well away from the door, letterbox, and any windows. Thieves can be quite opportunistic, so making sure any valuable items are kept out of sight will certainly reduce the temptation, and deter most burglars.

Make sure your locks have the 3-Star Kitemark at the very least, and not only on your front door but on any other means of entry, such as patio doors and garages.

If you require locksmiths in the Solihull area to improve your locks and home security, then contact us today.

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